Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Transformers (2007)

Too Much Hurts The Eye

THE PLOT (5 pts – Average)
Alien robots hiding as vehicles, are battling over a powerful cube called "All Spark".  Clueless teen holds the key of finding the lost cube.  Film is consistent and entertaining but overall, shallow.  It focuses on many subplots and unnecessary antics.

THE PERFORMANCE (7 pts – Good)
Shia is good.  He's overly good, it becomes annoying and predictable.  Plus, it's irritating to hear his repetitive words especially “no no no” for the nth time.  Seeing hot babe Megan is one redeeming factor here.  Great dubbed voices though.

THE PRODUCTION (9 pts – Excellent)
No doubt the stunts, sound and visual effects are above par impressive.  I am just having a hard time seeing the droids' profile and transformation - some vehicle-body parts seem to be inconsistent.  Also, the faces are confusing to look at.

(5 + 7 + 9) / 3 = 7.00
7/10 points = Good


1.  All Movie
     = 3.5/5.0 stars (reviewed by Cammila Collar)
     = 3.5/5.0 stars (based on 336 users)

2.  Amazon
     = 4.0/5.0 stars (based on 1,177 users)

3.  Box Office Mojo
     = B (based on 6,043 users)

4.  Film Critic
     = 2.5/5.0 stars (reviewed by Sean O'Connell)
     = 4.0/5.0 stars (based on users)

5.  IMDB
     = 7.2/10.0 stars (based on 235,298 users)

6.  Metacritic
     = 61/100 points (based on 35 critics)
     = 7.0/10.0 points (based on 696 users)

7.  MRQE
     = 64/100 points (based on critics)

8.  MSN Movies
     = 3.5/5.0 stars (based on critics)
     = 4.5/5.0 stars (based on 5,017 users)

9.  Rotten Tomatoes
     = 57/100 points (based on 215 critics)
     = 89/100 points (based on 2,200,301 users)

10.  Yahoo Movies
     = B- (based on 13 critics)
     = A- (based on 99,588 users)

Don't get me wrong.  There are lots of funny and action moments I enjoyed here.  It's just that for a fan of this great 80's TV series, I'm expecting differently.  :(


  "No sacrifice.  No victory."
- Archibald Witwicky

"Unfriendly" Frenzy

- Scorponok attacks



Production Budget                     $150.0 M
Domestic Gross       $319.2 M
Foreign Gross          $390.5 M
Worldwide Gross                        $709.7M
Profit                                        $559.7M


Academy Awards, USA (Oscars)
Nominated:            - Best Achievement in Sound
                             - Best Achievement in Sound Editing
                             - Best Achievement in Visual Effects

MTV Movie Awards, USA
Winner:                  - Best Movie
Nominated:             - Best Male Performance (Shia LaBeouf)
                             - Breakthrough Performance (Megan Fox)

People's Choice Awards, USA
Nominated:             - Favorite Action Movie
                             - Favorite Movie
                             - Favorite Song from a Soundtrack

Razzie Awards, USA
Nominated:             - Worst Supporting Actor (Jon Voight)

Saturn Awards, USA
(Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films)
Winner:                  - Best Special Effects
Nominated:            - Best Science Fiction Film

Teen Choice Awards, USA
Winner:                  - Choice Movie:  Breakout Male
                                     (Shia LaBeouf)
Nominated:            - Choice Movie Actor:  Action Adventure
                                     (Shia LaBeouf)
                              - Choice Movie Actress:  Action Adventure
                                     (Megan Fox)
                              - Choice Movie:  Action Adventure
                              - Choice Movie:  Breakout Female
                                      (Megan Fox)
                              - Choice Movie:  Chemistry
                                      (Shia LaBeouf and Bubblebee)
                              - Choice Movie:  Liplock
                                      (Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf)
                              - Choice Movie:  Rumble
                                      (Josh Duhamel Vs. Blackout)
                              - Choice Movie:  Villain
                              - Choice Summer Movie:  Drama/Action  Adventure


  1. megatron's face is so far from the original cartoons. i see a lot of metal and silver. only optimus prime got the 70% replica, the rest are new versions. i can't distinguish starscream and megatron, they're both almost the same, they're both ugly. i hate michael bay, hindi ako bilib sa kanya. i like the director of spiderman and ironman, who can replicate 100% the original character. even michael bay himself, admits that he is not a fan of the old transformers, that is why a lot of critics commented that he created his own version of robots. but for the action scenes, of course, he is the best. actually, that is the challenge for the directors, to follow strictly with the original features of the character. they can use the technology as long as it's look realistic. i appreciate the movies transformers (1) and transformers (2) because of its great action scenes and story but I'm dissappointed on how they interpret the robots. that's all. by the way, great teaser scene! congratulations, i like your blog!

  2. Thanks bro! Keep on reading. Daily, there is 1 film review. :)


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