For easy reading, each review is broken down into following sub-contents:

1.   Date Posted
      - This is the day the movie review was written.
      - This is in "day, date (month dd, yyyy)" format.

2.   Movie Title and Year
      - This is the title of the film plus, the year the movie was released.

3.   Movie Poster
      - This is the high-resolution image of the film.
      - This can be a movie poster or a DVD cover.

4.   Review Header
      - This is the unique title of the movie review.

5.   The 3 Ps
      - These are main reviews categorized into 3 parts:
      a.  The Plot
           - First, a short description about the film.
           - This is my feedback regarding the story of the film.
           - To get a high score, the story should be at least original,
              interesting and unforgettable.
      b.  The Performance
           - This is my feedback regarding the actor's talent in acting or
              voice in animation.
           - To get a high score, the acting should be at least believable,
              natural and not overly done.      

      c.  The Production
           - This is my feedback regarding how the movie was created.
           - The production includes direction, the props used, the cinematography,
              the stunts, the graphic designs, the special effects, the musical score,
              the costumes, and the others.

      *Each "P" follows a strict rule of not more than 40 words per content
             (40, 40, 40 = 120 words only or less).
      *Each "P" is rated from 1 to 10 points, as 10 being the highest.
      *Each point is presented with an equivalent description. 
             See "Scoring Definition" for details.

6.  Overall Score
     - The formula on getting the total score is:
             Overall Score = (The Plot + The Performance + The Production) / 3
     - Each overall score is presented with an equivalent description. 
             See "Scoring Definition" for details.

7.  Other Critics
     - List of 10 famous and reliable movie review sites as additional reference
        for the readers.
     - The list includes the name of the site, the URL, the score of the review,
        and the name of reviewer or the total number of persons
        who reviewed the movie.

8.  The Gist
     - This is the short summary of the review (not more than 30 words).

9.  The Smiley
     - After "The Gist", I give my final approval of the film through the smileys. 
       The smileys are:
              :)  - meaning "satisfied"
              :|  - meaning "so-so"
              :(  - meaning "frustrated"

10.  Extra Stuff
       - These are five additional "fun stuff" information:

       10.1.  Caught Quote
            - Interesting quote from the movie.
            - Highlights the quote, the scene and the character who said the quote.

       10.2.  Interesting Character
            - Mostly the villains, the sidekicks, the funny one, the irritating one,
              anyone who steals the audience attention.
            - Highlights the actor and the best image of the character.
       10.3.  Teaser Scene
            - Interesting scene from the movie.
            - Highlights not more than 40 seconds of the scene, plus short
              title /description of the scene.
            - Video is in streaming format, can be viewed in full screen.

       10.4.  Movie Trailer
            - Official trailer of the movie in High Definition / High Quality version. 

       10.5.  Number Tracker 
           - Interesting information regarding money matters.
           - Highlights the production budget, domestic gross, foreign gross,
             worldwide gross and result of the overall profit / loss.

       10.6.  Accolades (Best and Worst)
           - List of best awards from known award giving bodies.
           - Worst achievement comes from the Razzie Awards.

11.  Share Buttons
       - Share post to the following social network sites:

      a.  Gmail - Email post to a friend.
      b.  Blogger - Publish post to your blogger.
      c.  Twitter - Share or tweet post to your twitter.
      d.  Facebook - Post link or page to your profile.
      e.  Google Buzz - Share post to Google Buzz.

12.  Author and Time Posted
       - Name of the author and time that the review was posted.

13.  Stars
       - Allows readers to score the movie.
       - Maximum score is up to 5 stars only, blogspot does not allow more than
         5 options.

14.  Genre
       - List of genre related to the film.

       - Show previous readers' comments.
       - Allow users to type and post their comments.

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