Most Anticipated Films in 2012

Big bang for 2012!  There are lots of blockbuster sequels, new adaptations, superheroes and comebacks but I think there are just a few that can live up the hype.  Below are movies that I find interesting and that could probably still surprise us all, in a good way.  So go ahead, scroll down.  :)

My Top 20 (2012) Movies

20.   The Dictator (May 11)

- I always liked Sacha's over-the-top antics.  Plus, with Anna Faris...I'm already laughing.  Hmmm, what is he up to, now that he is one of the most powerful person?

19.  Men In Black III (May 15)

- After 10 years of hiatus, the alphabet duo is back in action... this time in one of their younger years.

18.  Wrath Of The Titans (March 30)

- Viewing the trailers, this has more actions, more interesting creatures, more angst....not to mention, more heads.

17.  Underworld:  Awakening (January 20)

- Welcome back Kate!  Seems you have prepared this version... and by viewing the stunts, this looks promising.

16.  Total Recall (August 3)

- New blood, young director, great Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel casting, and of course another Kate Beckinsale film... let's see what's come out of this recall.

15.  Dredd (September 21)

- I always loved the first movie Judge Dredd of Sylvester Stallone and Rob Schneider - action packed yet funny and entertaining.   I hope this Karl Urban and Lena Headey version have a good spin on it.

14.  The Hunger Games (March 3)

- Based on the hit novel, The Hunger Games is about a ruthless competition among youngsters.  To continue the success, I hope the movie remains true to the rich story and challenging characters.

13.  The Raven (March 9)

- Always fascinated by Edgar Allan Poe's work, so I know that anything "Poe" is mysterious and dangerous.

12.  The Texas Chain Massacre 3D (October 3)

- It's not the 3D, it's the intriguing story after the 1974 film that will chain me to watch - this is a direct alternative sequel to the original flick.

11.  Chronicle (February 13)

- How'd I wish this made it to my top 10 list.  I find the plot not your typical alien / mutant thing.  Full of secrets and questions.  And having unknown actors just add the mystery.

10.  The Amazing Spider-Man (July 3)

- It's been long since we watched a high-quality, high-caliber action superhero movie.  Actually, it passed 5 years from the last Spidey and I just can't wait to see this new rendition.

9.  The Three Stooges (April 13)

- Though the trailers are not that funny and a bit predictable, I can't help but still check this out in the theaters.  I hope I'm just mistaken.

8.  Mirror, Mirror (March 16)

- I missed the funny Julia, and "Mirror, Mirror" is the answer to my wish - also, a movie with such spells of class and elegance.

7.  Prometheus (June 8)

- The name itself brings curiosity.  It's a Ridley Scott movie, supposed to be a prequel of "Alien" but later conceived as an original story with its own mythology... but still alien.  Now, I'm excited.

6.  Snow White & The Huntsman (June 1)

- I like the concept of a warrior Snow White, not the girly girly one.  Plus, I'm fascinated by how equally beautiful the face and the acting of Charlize Theron as the evil queen.  Convincing...she's perfect for the role.

5.  Hansel and Gretel:  Witch Hunters (March 2)

- Another fairy tale characters turned vigilantes.  Again, intriguing idea but this time with more sinister opponents.  No posters, no trailers.  Clues?  Gemma Arterton as Gretel, Jeremy Renner as Hansel.  That's it!

4.  Abraham Lincoln, The Vampire Hunter (June 22)

- Ah, this time, it's not fairy tale characters, it's the president.  It's not witches, it's vampires.  Beat that!  Plus, super cool poster.  See the moon and the eerie ambiance... spooky!   Can't wait to see in silver screen.

3.  The Avengers (May 4)

- What else I can say?   This is a mega-treat from Marvel.

2.  The Dark Knight Rises (July 20)

- I'm just banking with the success of "The Dark Knight" and still believes with Nolan.  There's high expectation for this third installment.  I hope it's not disappointing.

1.  Skyfall (November 9)

- Of course my favorite, a James Bond movie.  It's been a long wait and alas, it's coming this November.  I like the simplicity of the title and can't wait to see new characters.  It's pure adrenalin once again.

What's your top 2012 movie?  Share your comments.

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